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Sono i resti delle grandi ruote a pala del piroscafo, adagiate sul fondo a soli 9 metri di profondita. Inizia la discesa e dopo pochi istantisi arriva quasi a toccare il relitto. Si esegue una perlustrazione veloce e si inizia subito ad affondare verso i Ci basta muovere ritmicamente la mano a un palmo dal fondo. Tante le cosa da vedere, anche frammenti lignei, ma questi sono del Lombardo. Un controllo degli strumenti e dei manometri. Tutti i sub sono diventati degli Indiana Jones del mare. Il servizio ha come scopo principale quello di garantire il collegamento tra le isole e la terraferma anche quando, a causa di condizioni meteo avverse, i traghetti non possono assicurare il rifornimento di viveri e farmaci.

How to be surprised by the Adriatic Sea and by a small archipelago suspended between Nature and Legend. The documentation of the arcipelago during the Christian era is poor. This lack of information was. The great number of apparitions of the Saint Vergin lead to found a treasure on the San Nicola Island which was then used to built the church of Santa Maria Assunta a Mare.

The church became the destination of many pelgrims. Around the first years of , the Pope incharged the Benedectins of taking care of the sanctuary.

The Benedectins founded the famous Abbey. Around the year the Cistercensi took on but in the first half the XIV century they soffered an heavy raid from the Pirates , who first killed all of them and then distroyed both the church and the majority of the walls.

In were the Canonici Lateranesi who bought back the monestry to. People continued to be deported even after the national reunion.

In the colony was reorganized according to new rulesand even during the Libia war on the island were exiliated many priso-. The Tremiti is a spectacular site for those who love the sea. On top of the typical fascination of islands, here there is also the athmosfere of a land of banishment maybe due to its position, which is located on the limit between the deep waters of the Adriatic sea and those up north more usual and famous with shallow sandy waters.

For sure is a magic place. Alsmost a meeting point of all the creatures who populate the waters of this portion of the sea and at a certain point they decided to meet here and give the divers special excitement. It is impossible not to resurface full of excitment and wish to take the rugulator off the mouth to comment with a friend of with the master all what you have seen as if the time for resurfacing could cancell from the memory all what you saw.

Every island has its own unique morphology and gives a big variety and a large number of dives that fit perfectly every different level of experience and capability. These runs along the coast an inside the creeks. On the rocky depth live red mullets, rhombus, priest-fish which are masters of mimicry. Inside the posedonia there are many Pinne nobilis and if you look up in the open waters you can see sargos,damselfish and cow bream.

Only when going on the south side of the island, named Punta Secca B area of the Marine Park, the waters change is aspect and it opens up to a rocky dorsal that fall immediately into the deep,it goes down to even 45 meters and gives the opportunity to those export divers, to see fishes of lage size such as dentex, barracuda and amberjacks. The San Nicola island, on the other hand, presents itself with waters full of agglomarates and.

Even on San Nicola, the most interesting side is the one on the south-east. The Ferraio bank is a concentration of. This is the reason why at the Ferraio, it is easy to meet big size scorpion-fish, octopus, congers, morays, common lobster and large sized and numbers of lobster.

In certain particular times of the year it is possible to see also some giant angler fish. This sight will satisfy even the most demanding divers, but at Ferraio it is impossible not to notice the soft coral, opisthobranchs, sponges that make the rocks very colourfull. In such a rich enviroment the predators could not be missed.

As a matter of fact dentexes, gilthead breams and bonito seems to patrol regularly the whole area in an obsessive way so that they can be seen even at a close distance. The queen of the Island is surely Caprara due to its spectacular enviroment. The nature of this island , is without any compromise. Dives are exceptionally beautiful and among all of them, the dive called Secca di Punta Secca leaves everyone breathless and it is counted as one of the 10 most beautiful dives in the Mediterranean sea.

Part of its side is completely colonized by spectacular bicoulored, red and yellow gorgonias Paramuricea clavata of big dimension.

The area is always busy with schools of damselfishs,silversides,striped bream, cow bream and saddled bream wich constantly challenge the agility and agressivity of dentexes, barracuda, bonitos and tunas. In this whirl and fights to survive, the divers are spectators of actions, strategies of attacks or defense which are normally peculiarities of filmed documentaries. However Caprara is more than this Since the area is part of the Gargano National Park.

This limits the entire area of Pianosa Island. In this area is strictly forbidden to swim, to enter and stop with all boats that are not authorized by the park patrol managment for scientific research pourposes and for guided tours.

All forms of fishing are absolutely forbidden. It is the area delimited by the lighthouse of Punta Provvidenza and Punta Secca, and the isobath of 70 meters of San Domino. On Caprara island the area B includes also the territory from Cala Sorrentino to the rock of Caciocavallo. Dives are allowed only with the permission of the Authority.

For additional information is necessarry to call the Manfredonia harbour-office. San Nicola, The Fortress isle: The abbey is an historical symbol of the entire archipelago, a distinctive tug of this true fortress standing in the open waters. The San Nicola island is the administrative capital of the Tremiti archipelago. It is built on an upland metrs long, meters wide which stands 70metrs above the sea level. On the island, there are more towers than three.

There are stately fortalices, walls, strongholds, churches and cloisters of the abbey which was occupied by three differents religious comunities: Five emerald and gold color islets, floating in the blu constantly shaped by the waves that seems to walk toward the heart of the Adriatic sea. The Tremiti archipelago reflects their immage in the most clear water the Adriatic sea has to offer.

Located 12 miles away from the Gargano coast and 24 from the coast of Molise, the Tremiti is an authentic concentration of natural beauties and historical monuments that are suspended in the blue of the sky and sea.

San Domino and its caves: The island is wrapped up by the maditerranean chaparral and by a forest of ilex and pine of Aleppo which hide the hotels and accomodations for the turists. This is the only island thatb can host a true street that connect the little port and the San Domino village located in the central part of the island.

The street is to be used by just few private cars and little busses that drive the turists from the marina to the different hotels located around the main rural village centre which hides inside the forest.

In these enchanting places, the sourranding peace is unique and the frangrance of the forest is really intense. The rocky coasts of San Domino enhance natural arches and caves of variuous depths. The island is rich with these natural beauties made by the erosive action of the water and wind. The most suggestive of all of them, is the cave of the Bue Marino, aproximately 70 meters deep, dominated by very high cliffs the Alpicco and the Ripa dei Falconi, where flocks of Falchi del Pellegrino, Falchi of the Queen and Berte the famous Diomedee fly around.

The untouched charm of Caprara: Caprara, or Capraia or Capperaia, used to be a wood but nowadays is just a hipe of stones and vegetation is thin and is made by just few cappers bushes, thistle and grass. A large colony of gulls live on Caprara, which matain untouched the charm of nature masterpieces. The Architello which appears on the surface, is the most beautiful of all of them. A monument carved in the calcareous rock by the nature opens into a little lake formed by the sea.

Only the north-west side offer the view to high cliffs while the the rest of the island is a flat land laying down toward San Nicola. All along the cost there are many creeks and little creeks.

The only sign of human presence on the island is a farmhouse where shepherds used to live and today is occupied by the only inhabitant of Caprara. The Scoglio del Cretaccio: The reef is a funny presence, misted over with mystery.

An old tradition tells the story of an old hoary widow ghost who appears sitting on the rock while she spins, few hours before the storms and during the full moon nights. Pianosa is located 12 miles north-west of San Nicola and it is a comprehensive reserve were it is absolutely forbidden any kind of access. Pianosa is free from all forms of arboreous vegetation and keeps her natural treasures under the water.

Many marine species which populate the southcentre of the Mediterranean sea, find in Pianosa the best conditions for reproduction being a true ecological niche. It is exactly by Cala degli Inglesi. The archeological way runs between the 9 and the 25 meters of depth. There are many pieces of the pedal steamer, a lot of archeological find and much more The destinity wanted that a roman ship loaded with amphoras, sunk in the same point years before.

Marlin Tremiti has included this dive among these for the Open Waters divers as well. Due to the low depth of some part of the wrenck, this site, can also be visited with the mask and the fins and therefore, it is frequently consider an integral part of the snorkling runs.

The dive As we get to the point, we start reconstructing the history and the past events. Then we describe meticulously how the dive will develope and what will be the archeological findings the divers will see in the 45 minutes of dive at at a maximum depth of meters. All ready, exchange the OK sign and enter the water The descent is about to start but first look underneath The photography can well describe what the divers can see just by looking through their mask. These are the large wheel of the steamship, laying on the bottom 9 meters deep.

Thanks to the clearness of the waters, we can immediately. The dive starts and in a moment we can almost touch the wreck. After checking quickly the area, we immediately start deeping down at — 25 meters.

As we dive we can see parts of the ship, sheets of copper which were used to cover the sides of the vassel and reduce its friction with the water in order to make it sail faster , studs, bolts and gain wood planking. We just got on top of the roman ship which , in reality, it sunk into the sand although we know for sure is there. It is sufficient to move the hand at a close distance from the bottom to create a turbolence that move away the sand and gravel.

Little by little we discover an amphora , and then another one. We move a bit away and we find pieces of corks and other fragments. Many thinghs can be seen including pieces of wood which belong to theLombardo. For our guests a magic play and the feeling they have found a treasure. Time flys and we must respect what was planned. Before we leave though, with the same method we used to find thinghs, we cover again to hide them away.

All divers who recognize the importance of protecting our extraordinary archeological enviroment, help us. We check the instruments and the pressure gauge. Now their eyes look different and you can see how happy they are. We can start emerging along the dorsal.

At this time, they are not interested in moray, octopus, conger, scorpiofish any more although they are all around us. All the divers became the Indiana Jones of the sea. Howeverv the dive is not finished yet and at this stage you can not miss the opportunity to find out how rich is marine life all around before we go back to the most important parts of the Lom-.

As we search the area we can see some of the mechanical parts of the ship such as the wheels, the steam boiler, the gigant connecting rod, the chain, which is almost part of the rocky surroundings and the anchor itself. Again studs of planking and bolts perfectely maintained. Times relentlessly passes and we must emerge and at -5 meters do the safety stop.

A quick glance at the rest of the Lombardo and then ready for a new underwater adventure!!!!!! С начала нашей эры небогатая информация об островах была щедро приукрашена историей о святом Отшельнике, которому, следуя легенде, явившийся образ Девы Марии указал место захоронения сокровищ на острове Сан Никола.

На добытые средства была выстроена Церковь Святой Марии на море Santa Maria Assunta a Mare , ставшей вскоре местом паломничества верующих. Враги жестоко расправились с монахами и разрушили церковь и большую часть её укреплений. В году настала очередь Латеранских каноников вернуть монастырю былую славу и блеск. Их стараниями монастырь окружили крепостными стенами с бастионами, выдержавшими в августе года нападение турецкого флота из галер.

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